An interview about the project with our scientific advisor on sequencing

“The fifth generation DNA Sequencer is being developed in Russia” - this is the title of the interview with our scientific advisor on sequencing, Konstantin Krutovsky in December issue of the newspaper “Siberian forum. Intellectual dialogue”.

Konstantin Krutovsky is a professor of genetics and genomics at Georg August University of Göttingen (Germany), adjunct professor of genetics and genomics at Texas A&M University (USA), leading scientist at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), professor and scientific director of Genome Research and Education Center at Siberian Federal University (Russia).

Konstantin called the "GAMMA-DNA" project powerful, unique, and placing on the edge of technologies.

In the interview you will find out how this Russian startup was initiated, what a strong team is working on the project and why today the genetic passport is as important as the passport of a citizen.

Konstantin also told about such interesting details of the project as the application field of the new sequencer, its potential buyers and competitors.
“GAMMA-DNA — is the name of a young company with an ambitious goal. The goal is to create the first domestic Single-molecule Label-free Electronic DNA Sequencer. The device prototype will be presented to the public in the middle of next year”.

You can read the interview here: